MediEvil Remake Story Trailer Shows Off Some Gameplay Footage

Sony has released a story trailer for the upcoming remake of the PlayStation One classic, MediEvil. Both old fans who’ve played the game way way back, and people that are interested in getting into it now, should take a look at the video. The game, by the way, is coming out on October 25th. I’ve marked my calendar.

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MediEvil Remake Story Trailer Shows Off Some Gameplay Footage
MediEvil Remake Story Trailer Shows Off Some Gameplay Footage

I’m gonna be up front with y’all. I’m a huge fan of MediEvil from back in the day, despite never beating it, so expect me to fanboy a lot in this article. With that said, let’s get into the meat of it. So, the remake of MediEvil is shaping up beautifully, and the recently-released story trailer only serves to underline it. Sure, it serves as an introduction to the story for the uninitiated, but there’s a fair amount of gameplay to see.

So, here’s the basic gist: there’s an evil sorcerer threatening the realm. Our hero, sir Daniel Fortesque, leads the charge against him, and eats an arrow in the first charge. The sorcerer is defeated eventually, and sir Daniel is revered as a hero. Said sorcerer has returned now, and raised an army of the undead. With them, sir Daniel rises, and is now on a quest to prove himself an actual hero, to finally stop the other dead heroes of old making fun of him. It’s a brilliant setup for an equally great game.

The remake of MediEvil is coming out on the PS4 on October 25th. If you want to, you can also pick up the Digital Deluxe edition. It comes with the game, an art book, the original soundtrack (which is awesome, by the way), a dynamic theme, a digital comic book, and the in-game set of armor called “Super Armor”. Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

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