Metal Gear Solid movie director is making his writers play Metal Gear Solid – that actually makes sense

Jason Vogt-Roberts was the man chosen to direct the Metal Gear Solid film way back in 2014. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to be happening for some time, well, nothing apart from Vogt-Roberts directing Kong: Skull Island, which was pretty good. And now we have some news regarding his work process – he is making potential writers experience the game first hand.

MGS movie director emphasizes MGS2 as the sweet spot for the first time gamers.

Vogt-Roberts said that he felt the need for the writers to understand the ideas of Metal Gear Solid, so they started with the original Metal Gear Solid. “s I brought in writers, I basically took them on this weird journey where I brought them over to my house and I designed this weird course where I would load up the original Metal Gear and I would have the writer play that for a while, and just teach them this idea of stealth gameplay.” He says that most of them just picked it up quickly, as the mechanics of the era were still mostly simple.

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Next thing, he moved them to Phantom Pain, because he wanted to make them see in what ways did the games change. Then it was time to go back to MGS on PSOne in order to absorb the differences. “Your camera’s more locked, it doesn’t have as many complexities of a Phantom Pain and people were able to pick that up pretty easily. It’s still working off of those basic regular Nintendo mechanics, but I would take them through it because the first hour of that game pretty clearly makes a thesis statement for why this franchise is so important. You get into some pretty powerful cutscenes right away, you’re thrust right into the gameplay right away, and people were able to get into that.”

With Vogt-Robers clearly being a fan of the series (and of Kojima) and seeing his approach to working with writers, it would appear that the potential movie is in good hands. It remains to be seen when something more than just potential will happen. It will be very interesting to see the casting. I wonder if David Hayter might be free?

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