Metal Gear Survive Charges Real Money for Additional Save Slots

In Metal Gear Survive, you have to pay real-world money in order to make another character / save slot. Sure, it’s not the only game that has done something like this, but it still doesn’t make it okay, especially in a mediocre game like Metal Gear Survive. Also, those new save slots will cost you $10 each.

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Metal Gear Survive Charges Real Money for Additional Save Slots
Metal Gear Survive Charges Real Money for Additional Save Slots

Konami seems pretty set on showing their ever-growing disdain for gamers. It honestly seems like they really want to chase away all of the fans that they’ve cultivated over the years. Well, apart from the PES crowd, I suppose. Obviously, they want to focus on pachinko, and, why not? It’s lucrative stuff. However, why they still keep pulling gamers’ proverbial leg, I have no idea. To illustrate my point, enter Metal Gear Survive, and all of the nonsensical decisions in it. They either want to make all gamers turn away from Konami forever, or they’re even less subtle than EA.

For starters, this game is several years too late. The whole crafting, resource-collecting, zombie survival shtick is incredibly overdone. Battle Royale is the new fad, which Metal Gear Survive has nothing to do with; at least, for now. Second, for god’s sake with the microtransactions. There’s stuff in MG Survive going up to $50. The game costs $40 on Steam right now. And, probably the most egregious of them all – you have to pay Konami real-world money for extra save slots for new characters.

Yup, if you want to make a new character (or, a new game, essentially), you have to shell out 1000 SV coins. That is MG Survive’s in-game currency, which you have to buy with real money. Converted from SV coins to real money, one extra save slot costs you ten bucks. Yes, I know that other games have done similar things before, but come on, in this nonsense? Metal Gear Survive was supposed to be Konami’s proof that they can do this without Kojima, and they give the world this? It’s so sad.

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