Minecraft Axolotls Locations - How to tame Axolotl, what do Axolotls eat

Minecraft 1.18 update launched and brought several new additions to the game, but players are still looking for Axolotl – amphibious creatures that spawn in underground water. These creatures live in water and come in a variety of colors. The only one that is hard to be found is a blue Axolotl. In our detailed guide Minecrafts Axolotls Location we will show you how to tame Axolotl, what do Axolotls eat & where to find them.

Minecraft Axolotls - How to tame Axolotl, what do Axolotls eat

Where To Find Axolotls in Minecraft

Your first question probably will be where to find this new creature. As we already told you Axolotls spawn in underground water, thus, you can catch them only in caves in total darkness. With the latest update you can find them only in the Lush Caves. They usually spawn individually, and can even survive on dry land but only for a few minutes before they start drying out. In the Creative Mode you can get them with Axolotl Spawn Egg. The other option is to type /summon Axolotl in the chat, and you’ll get a random colored Axolotl.

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How to tame Axolotl in Minecraft

Unfortunately Axolotls cannot be tamed, but you can make them follow you anywhere by holding a Bucket of Tropical Fish. You can also picked them up with a water bucket, put them in the Shulker box and take them where ever you want. Once you collect several Axolotls, and put them together in water they will start breeding if you feed them Buckets of Tropical Fish. When breeding two Axolotls you have a small chance of getting Blue Axolotls as a mutation. But the chance is really very small!

What do Axolotls eat in Minecraft

As we mentioned before, Axolotls eat only Tropical Fish. If you team up with them and win a fight you will unlock The Healing Power of Friendship achievement.

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