Mountain Gets Huge Update, Lets You Mountain Harder

Mountain, the contemplative mountain simulator from David O’Reilly, just got a massive update. So massive, in fact, that the game has morphed into Mountain 2 Furious 2.0 Reloaded. Yes, that is the official new title. It now looks a whole lot better, contemplates harder and even lets you play music with your mouse. It’s a grand addition to an already great game, all for the low low price of $1.

mountain 2.0 released
Mountain Gets Huge Update, Lets You Mountain Harder

So what’s new? Pretty much everything, apparently. According to a post O’Reilly made on the game’s Steam community forum, “every single system has been improved, as well as every shader, particle effect, texture and model”. He goes on to say they’ve made about 400 changes to the game, and that the update was more work than the original release itself. The reason for this hefty chunk of new mountainness a whole four years after the original release is entirely altruistic – the team wanted to thank the community that has developer around the quirky thing, and improve the game as much as they could.

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The biggest changes among the four hundred are:

• Different Mountain Types with unique flora
• Improved Mountain shapes & appearance
• HDR rendering, new color correction & post fx system
• New cloud system and revamped environmental effects
• Improvements and optimizations to all shaders
• Re-written procedural flora systems, will produce more trees and plants with better arrangement
• More tree and plant varieties added, with improved leaf, plant & tree dynamic effects
• Addition of dynamic birds & butterflies
• More artifacts
• Music keyboard added to UI
• Slow Motion mode
• MIDI Control is now possible and works with any midi input device
• More Secret modes to discover and improved old ones

Seeing how the game is supposed to be left running in the background and checked from time to time, that’s a lot of stuff. If you haven’t already, you can get Mountain from or Steam for $1.

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