NBA 2k22 Season 2 Release Time

NBA 2k22 season 2 and its anticipated release time is almost upon us. Seasons are a fairly new concept, each lasting for around six weeks. They allow you to bag some limited-edition rewards for your team. To gain them, you need to complete specific season challenges. Read on as we discuss the NBA 2k22 season 2 release time.

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NBA 2k22 Season 2 Release Time
NBA 2k22 Season 2 Release Time

The concept of the season arrived in NBA 2k21. At first, they were a method to get extra rewards in a way the battle pass does in other titles. However, it was only accessed via the MyTeam game mode. 2k22 has seen a huge expansion, and unlockable content can now function across all game modes.

Release Time NBA 2k22

NBA 2k22 season 2 is sure to be the most immersive experiences on a sports game yet. It spans MyTeam, MyCareer, and The W Online. This season turns its attention to Michael Jordan’s legendary Chicago Bulls team. It will release at 8 am PT on Friday, October the 22nd.

Season 2 is bringing a whole host of changes and rewards to the game. By logging in you get a 93 OVR Free Agent Michael Jordan card. You will also get an 83 OVR Free Agent Dennis Rodman card to complement it. Most exciting are the Domination events, which pit you against players from every year of the NBA.

As well as rewards, tweaks will get made to the mechanics of the game. Firstly, a whole new glut of songs will arrive on the soundtrack, for better or worse. They have also added a rebirth mechanic in the last update. The purpose of this was to allow you to start new games with a significant boost. For some players, this caused controversy with people noting that certain shooting badges had been nerfed. If 2k22 will correct this in season 2 or leave it be is yet unknown.

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