Neverwinter Shroud of Souls Update Coming to PS4 & Xbox One in June

The new update for the Neverwinter MMO, called Shroud of Souls, will launch on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in June. Shroud of Souls brings a new adventure, in which players will have to stop an escaped dragonborn necromancer. It also includes new features, such as Loadout and Strongholds guild gameplay improvements and events.

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Neverwinter Shroud of Souls Update Coming to PS4 & Xbox One in June
Neverwinter Shroud of Souls Update Coming to PS4 & Xbox One in June

Neverwinter is an MMORPG set in the world of Dungeons & Dragons games. The newest free update for the game, Neverwinter: Shroud of Souls is set to launch on June 20th on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It’s free-to-play on both consoles, however, it does require an Xbox Live Gold membership. You don’t need a PlayStation Plus subscription on the PS4. Neverwinter: Shround of Souls is, of course, also available on PC.

As for what the update brings, there’s a lot to look forward to in Shroud of Souls. Players will get a brand new adventure, in which a dragonborn necromancer Morlanth escapes her prison in the river district and conjures the eponymous Shroud of Souls. It’s an army of specters, and Morlanth is looking for spirits to lead the undead legion. The players, of course, have to stop her.

Shroud of Souls also introduces some new and improved gameplay features. One such new feature is the Loadout, which will allow you to create and customize your character, including gear configuration, allowing you to quickly navigate between dungeons, PvP and so on.

The update is also bringing a new event called Marauders to the Strongholds guild. You’ll also be able to customize the Guild Hall, so that “players can relive their adventures with others and showcase their achievements.”

So, prepare to dive into the new chapter of the Neverwinter story, and keep the world safe from the spectral menace!

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