Nintendo and Illumination Start Development on Mario Animated Movie

A new Mario movie is in the works. The project is still at the very beginning, so it could be a good, long while until we get to see it. Nintendo will be working together with Illumination Entertainment of Despicable Me (and Minions) fame. Even Shigeru Miyamoto will work on the project as a co-producer.

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Nintendo and Illumination Start Development on Mario Animated Movie
Nintendo and Illumination Start Development on Mario Animated Movie

Nintendo is apparently making another foray into the world of movies. They’re giving Mario another chance. The first Super Mario Bros. movie, which came out in 1993, was a complete disaster, and it kinda set the tone for all future video game movies (with, like, two exemptions). At least, as far as live-action movies go. Not that the animated movies fared much better, as far as critics go. On the other hand, many gamers that grew up with these games love the movies. So, maybe a new Mario movie will be just what the doctor ordered.

So, let’s get into what we know about the new Mario movie so far. Lately, a lot of rumors have been circulating about it, and Nintendo has finally confirmed that a new Mario movie is in the works. According to the press release, they’ll be partnering up with Illumination Entertainment, the studio behind Despicable Me, The Lorax, and, god help us, Minions. Helming the project as co-producers are Chris Melandri, the CEO and founder of Illumination, and Shigeru Miyamoto, who needs no introduction. As for financing, the press release states that Nintendo and Universal Pictures will be co-financing it, and Universal will be distributing it theatrically worldwide.

I really, really want this movie to be good. I’m not a fan of Illumination movies, and God knows we’re all wanting for a video game movie that’s not a complete mess. So, I’m not putting too much stock in this project. I hope I’m proven wrong. Please, please, let it be good.

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