Nintendo Reveals First Look at Labo Kits for the Switch

Nintendo has unveiled their newest innovation for players to interact with their Switch consoles: the Nintendo Labo. There are two kits, which include both games and cardboard printouts. The Variety kit contains several games and Toy-Cons, and the Robot Kit will have only one game, but an almost full body suit of cardboard and string.

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Nintendo Reveals First Look at Labo Kits for the Switch
Nintendo Reveals First Look at Labo Kits for the Switch

Leave it to Nintendo to manage to present cardboard prints as an innovative gaming experience. I’m not even being sarcastic. After a vague announcement, Nintendo has announced the Nintendo Labo, a typically Nintendo-innovative and weird way to play with your Nintendo Switch. Basically, it’s a set of minigames, plus some cardboard cutouts that you assemble into different objects, such as a piano keyboard, a motorcycle, fishing rod, etc. You place the Switch and the Joy-Cons in the appropriate slots, turn on the minigame, and boom. The cynic in me sees this as 1-2-Switch with cardboard peripherals, but, I gotta say, they get an A for innovation.

There will be two Nintendo Labo kits. The first one is the Variety Kit, which includes several games and Toy-Con projects, according to Polygon. Oh, yeah, that’s how Nintendo calls the cardboard peripherals: Toy-Cons. This set will cost $69.99. It contains the fishing rod, a house, the motorbike, the piano, and two RC cars. The Robot Kit contains one game, and an entire suit made of cardboard and string. That one will cost $79.99. The games will show you on-screen instructions on how to build the Toy-Cons. You can customize the Toy-Cons however you want. Nintendo will also be selling customization sets, including tape, stickers, and stencils, for $9.99 a set. When the cardboard inevitably gets damaged, you can always buy replacement kits. Or, you know, just repair it with some sort of adhesive tape.

The Nintendo Labo kits will come out on April 20th, 2018. We’ll probably get a ton more info about it until then, and we’ll keep you up to date. For now, you can check out the first look video below.

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