AC Origins Hidden Ones How to Get Blades of Thoth in Shards from a Star

The Blades of Thoth legendary weapon is added in the AC Origins Hidden Ones DLC. You get the blades by completing the Shards from a Star quest. It will require some puzzle-solving, too. So, let’s take a look at how to obtain the Blades of Thoth in the Hidden Ones DLC.

AC Origins Hidden Ones How to Get Blades of Thoth in Shards from a Star
AC Origins Hidden Ones How to Get Blades of Thoth in Shards from a Star

How to Get Blades of Thoth in Hidden Ones DLC Shards from a Star Quest?

In order to get the Blades of Thoth, you’ll have to complete the Shards from a Star quest. To start “Shards from a Star”, you have to complete the Hidden Ones introduction quest, “The Land of Turquoise”. This will give you another quest, “The Setting Sun”, during which you’ll have to escape the pyramid with Gamilat. Once you are done with it, and all the bandits are defeated, Gamilat will give you the quest item Scroll of Thoth. With this item, head to the Arsione Nome zone, and the Temple of Thoth, where you can start the quest proper.

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In the center of the Temple courtyard, you’ll find the huge Tree of Life. Walk around the tree and pay attention to the base. You’ll notice that some branches are hiding something. Smash the branches, and you’ll see a doorway behind them. Interact with it, and you’ll get the Crystal of Thoth. The game will tell you to place the crystal on top of the gigantic black obelisk looming above the temple, so clamber your way up and put the crystal in its place.

Two beams of light will now be shooting into two mirrors down in the courtyard. You’ll have to move the mirrors to bounce the light off of the statues lined up in the courtyard and onto the hidden door. Both mirrors will have to face towards the center-most statue on both sides. You’ll have to clear the cobwebs from one of them, so use either a torch or a fire arrow to do so. Once both rays of light are pointing towards the door, you’ll see a short cutscene of the door opening. All that’s left now is to walk down into the cavern and collect the Blades of Thoth. There’s more loot down there for you to collect, but watch for the snakes.

The Blades of Thoth are legendary dual swords. They don’t have much reach, but they make up for it with speed. The description reads: “Blades of Legend. He who wields them draws the ka force from his victim.” That’s why it has the Health on Kill perk, as well as Adrenaline Regeneration and Combo Multiplayer.

You’re gonna want this one, so make sure you get the Blades of Thoth when the AC Origins Hidden Ones DLC comes out on January 23rd. For more info on the other legendary items in the DLC, check out our AC Origins Hidden Ones DLC Legendary Weapons, Mounts, Outfits article. If achievements are more your thing, head over to our AC Origins Hidden Ones DLC Achievements / Trophies – How to Get Them article.

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