Nintendo Switch Getting Inside and Limbo on June 28th

Inside and Limbo, two indie puzzle-platformers from Danish studio Playdead, are launching on the Nintendo Switch on June 28th. Limbo originally launched in 2010 for a large number of different platforms from the previous and current generation. Inside launched in 2016. And a week from now, they’ll also be on Nintendo’s new brainchild.

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Nintendo Switch Getting Inside and Limbo on June 28th
Nintendo Switch Getting Inside and Limbo on June 28th

The Nintendo Switch is still working hard on being the new haven for indie games. And, since Steam has opened the floodgates and Valve has washed their hands of the whole thing, I think we’re going to see more and more indie games making the Switch their home. The two new additions, coming to the platform on June 28th, are Limbo and Inside. Both of those games are the brainchildren of the Danish studio Playdead, who announced the launch on their Twitter. Both games are brooding, dark, artsy puzzle-platformers with obtuse plots, leaving a lot to player interpretation.

If you’re not familiar with the two games, let’s get you up to speed real quick. Both games are pretty similar; you control a little boy, making your way through dark, desolate, and dangerous worlds. Both games lack traditional storytelling methods in games, such as dialogue or cutscenes. Instead, the games expect players to pay attention to and interpret hints from the surroundings in order to piece together what’s going on. And, without going into spoilers, we’ll just add that both games end fairly abruptly, without outright explaining what exactly happened.

So, if you’re a fan of artistic, stylized games, or puzzle-platformers, and you own a Switch, you might want to check out Limbo and/or Inside when it comes out next week. Although, I’m not sure how well the moody atmosphere of the games transfer to playing on the go. Not sure how well you can immerse yourself on public transport.

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