Fortnite BR Hungry Gnomes Locations - Week 8 Challenge

Search Hungry Gnomes is one of this week’s battlepass challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale. If you want those stars, you’ll have to find and interact with seven gnomes across the map. Knowing the developers, these collectibles will be very well hidden, so it’s probably going to take a while. If you get stuck while trying to finish this challenge, our Fortnite BR Hungry Gnomes locations guide will help you.

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fortnite br hungry gnome locations
Fortnite BR Hungry Gnome Locations – Week 8 Challenge

Search hungry gnomes

UPDATE: The first gnome we found was in Greasy Grove. To get it, you should land behind the burger joint. Enter through the back door and go down the stairs. When you reach the basement, you’ll see a big yellow poster on the wall. Destroy the wall to the left of the poster, and you’ll find the gnome.

If you go to Salty Springs, you’ll be able to find another one. Go to the gas station in the northeastern corner of the area. Go inside and turn left. You’ll find the statue next to the fridge with the drinks.

There’s also one in Retail Row. It’s in the NOMS grocery store, on the west side of town. When you go through the entrance, go all the way to the far left corner. The gnome is next to the shelf by the chest.

You can find one in Moisty Mire, as well. Go to the movie set in the middle of the marsh. If you head to the southwestern corner, you’ll find a cafeteria there. The gnome will be in the corner, between the counter and the drink coolers.

The next one is in Pleasant Park. It’s at the gas station in the east of the area. Once you open the door, head to the far left corner, and you’l find it between the shelves.

If you go to Tomato Town, you’ll find another one. It’s in the pizza place. Enter through the back door, then go to the main room. The gnome will be behind the counter, near the chest.

There’s one at the unnamed location between Tilted Towers and Snobby Shores, the one with the enclosed soccer field. Go to the taco shop across the street from the large hall, and look for the statue behind a chair in the corner.

ORIGINAL TEXT: At this point, we have no real info to go by – all we know is the name of the challenge. If you’ve owned the battlepass in the previous season, you might remember a challenge that involved finding garden gnomes. They were small, and hidden in unusual places, mostly obscured by other objects (bathtubs, vending machines and such). On the other hand, they did emit this creepy giggle when you were close enough, so that made things easier, if a bit more unpleasant.

Our guess is that these hungry gnomes will be similar, but still different in some small way. Maybe instead of a giggle, we’ll be able to hear their stomachs rumble? Maybe they’ll hold burgers from Greasy Grove or pizza from Tomato Town with their stubby little fingers. Anything could happen. It’s all in the realm of possiblity at this point, and we won’t know for sure until tomorrow.

There’s also the possibility that Epic could switch things up and replace this challenge with another one at the last minute. It wouldn’t be the first time the data mined info turned out to be terribly wrong. In any case, stay tuned. If the gnomes are indeed a challenge for week 8 of season 4’s battle pass, we will update this page with their exact locations shortly after the challenges go live.