Where To Watch Nintendo Switch January Live Stream

Everyone in the gaming community is well aware of the basic idea behind the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo’s new baby is a hybrid console that becomes portable. However, we don’t know much else beyond that. After the initial reveal trailer, things have been very quiet. There’s a lot of guessing, but little verifiable information. Thankfully, the January Live Stream should give us more to work with.

Nintendo Switch January Live Stream - Where To Watch
Nintendo Switch January Live Stream – Where To Watch

During the event, Nintendo will unveil the price of the Switch, its specs, launch game titles, and other details. The stream is for a worldwide audience, but Nintendo officials have said it will be in Japanese with an English voiceover. It’s certain to be a huge event no matter what.

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Where to watch Switch Live Stream

There are several places you can watch the stream live. We’ve listed them for you below.

These are the official sources. Many gaming websites and youtubers will hold their own streaming events, where they’ll comment on the event.

When is the Nintendo Switch Live Stream

The live stream starts at 11 pm ET (8 PM PT) on Thursday, January 12th. We don’t know how long the event will last, but it’s a safe bet that it’ll last at least one hour. It all depends on what Nintendo has in store for us.

Speaking of, it’ll be interesting to see how many of the 48 big developers and publishers Nintendo mentioned before will show something during the live stream. Perhaps they’ll make their announcements for themselves. Either way, it will be crucial for the success of the Switch that as many of them as possible take some kind of part in the event. The Switch is a very bold move on the part of Nintendo, and after the Wii-U, this one really has to break through. I’d hate to see the Sega scenario play out again.

What are your thoughts on the Switch? Thinking of buying one yourself? Tell us in the comments! Oh, and you can pre-order the Switch at Nintendo NY, if you happen to be in New York on the 23rd of January!

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