Nintendo Switch Pro Controller works on PC and Android

By all accounts, Nintendo Switch, which is launching in two days, is a solid and sleek piece of technology. Its Pro Controller looks like it could give other contenders, such as the DS4 (Mark II) or Xbox Elite controllers a run for their money. It would appear that PC owners could start rejoicing as it has been proven compatible with Steam, connecting via Bluetooth.

Youtuber DreWolf also says that Android pairing is also possible, with some lag present, which he is not certain whether it is the fault of the phone or it will be a general thing with Android phones. XInput is not supported, but DirectInput is, which means that you will not be playing much Witcher 3 with the Nintendo Pro Controller, at least not until some official or unofficial drivers comes out.

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The big “but” is the problem with the inability to use the controller via USB connection, which seems to be (on PC) for charging only. While you are charging, you will not be able to play with the controller, which is a bit awkward. However, these are early days yet and time will tell whether Nintendo will support this controller on PC (unlikely) or the PC community will come up with some sort of solution (more likely).

It is nice to see that the family of products around Nintendo Switch is proving to be well-made and able to be utilized in various scenarios. Hopefully this will help Nintendo fight off the somewhat lukewarm reaction to Switch price and lack of space, as well as the fact that the new Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Wii U seems to have already been pirated.

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