Noita Wants To Pair Roguelike Action With Simulated Physics

Noita is an upcoming action roguelike from Nolla Games, a Finnish studio that’s actually an indie dev supergroup. It is being made by Petri Purho (Crayon Physics Deluxe), Olli Harjola (The Swapper) and Arvi Teikari (Enviromental Station Alpha). That’s some proper pedigree right there. The game’s main selling point is the custom physics engine that simulates everything.

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noita reveal trailer
Noita reveal trailer

When we talk about physics in games, it’s usually shorthand for “how stuff flies when blown up”. Not in Noita. This is some proper physics stuff. Liquids pool, flow downhill, extinguish flames, solidify lava. Enemies standing or swimming in them can be electrocuted. Snow melts, gasses burn, stone crumbles. Stuff has weight, and it’s all being handled by a custom made engine. Here’s what the devs had to say about it:

We’re using our own Falling Everything engine. Falling Everything Engine is an in-house labor of love. A true love child. Handcrafted in the finest C++ without exceptions, using only hand picked, organic, free license libraries.

You’re going to play as a wizard in its procedurally generated world, wizarding your way through caves and ancient ruins. You’re going to be able to craft spells (for personal use only, the guild frowns upon unlicensed selling), but it seems like the simplest ones will be the most fun to use.

Just look at that. Finally a game that will let us be a clumsy wizard who sets himself on fire, or drowns in the blood of his enemies because he forgot to prepare a buoyancy spell.There’s no word of a release date yet, in order to avoid delays. Noita is going to be released on PC first – after that, the devs will look into porting it. You’ll probably need a beastly CPU to run it, judging by the complexity of the simulation. It’s going to enjoy a period of early access before release,

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