Pokemon GO Gets Legendary Birds Lugia & Articuno, More on the Way

Legendary Pokemon have finally arrived to Pokemon GO. The first Legendary bird, Lugia, made it’s debut at the Pokemon GO Fest in Chicago. After that, because Team Mystic caught the most Pokemon in the mystery challenge, Articuno was also brought into the game. The birds of Team Valor and Instinct, Moltres and Zapdos, will make their way to Pokemon GO “soon”.

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Pokemon GO Gets Legendary Birds Lugia & Articuno, More on the Way
Pokemon GO Gets Legendary Birds Lugia & Articuno, More on the Way

Pokemon GO Fest was a mess, but some good did come from it. As Niantic promised, they introduced Legendary Pokemon at the event. The first one to appear in the game was Lugia, and the trainers managed to take it down. Now, you can attempt to defeat it in a raid and catch it afterwards. During the Mystery Challenge leg of the event, Team Mystic managed to catch the most Pokemon, so their bird, Articuno, was next to arrive in-game. Teams Valor and Instinct need not fear. According to a post on the official Pokemon GO site, Moltres and Zapdos will be added to the game eventually.

However, it seems that catching Legendary Pokemon is way easier said than done. See, once a group of trainers (it’s borderline impossible to beat them solo) manages to defeat a Legendary Pokemon in a raid battle, they get a limited amount of Premium Balls. That’s basically how many tries you have to catch it. And, more often than not, you probably won’t be able to pull it off. According to Kotaku, the catch rate stands at a grand total of 2%. You can raise your odds by feeding the Legendary Pokemon some Berries, but not by much. It’s true that they are Legendary Pokemon, but taking into account how difficult they are to take down, maybe it’s a little too difficult.

That being said, it’s awesome to witness Pokemon GO trainers banding together in large numbers again. Kinda reminds me of the early days. When we could connect at all, that is.

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