Okami HD On Nintendo Switch Gets Release Date

The Nintendo Switch version of Okami HD finally has a launch date. It’s still some way away, but at least the end of the wait is in sight. According to the game’s official Twitter, the Switch port will come out on August 9th. Pre-orders are not up yet, but they will become available closer to the release date.

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Okami HD On Nintendo Switch Gets Release Date
Okami HD On Nintendo Switch Gets Release Date

Okami HD has been out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC has been out for several months now. The Nintendo Switch version has been in the works for a while now, but the wait is finally coming to an end. According to the Okami Twitter page, Okami will come out for the Switch on August 9th. Unfortunately, despite what the tweet says, the game is still not on the eShop for pre-orders; that will happen later, as the launch date comes closer.

What’s one of the most interesting changes, as far as the Nintendo Switch version goes, are the controls. In Okami, one of the main mechanics is the Celestial Brush. It’s basically a litterer giant brush from the sky which you can use to interact with the environment by drawing different things with it. For example, drawing a slash across an enemy will do damage, a lightning bolt will, well, summon a lightning bolt, and so on. You use it both for solving puzzles and combat, so, as you can imagine, you use the brush a lot.

Now, using the Celestial Brush with the analog sticks back when Okami first came out could get a little finicky sometimes. Especially if you’re trying to do something quickly and precisely. The Switch offers two alternatives to that. The first one is drawing the symbols with the Joy-Con controllers using motion controls. Alternatively, in handheld mode, you can just draw with your finger on the touch screen, which sounds like it will be the easiest method. If you need further convincing, you can check out the trailer for Okami on the Switch below.

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