Destiny 2 Warmind Nightfall Strike Exclusive Rewards Teased

Destiny 2 Warmind Nightfall strikes have exclusive rewards after all. It was officially confirmed by Bungie’s community manager, but nobody has managed to find them yet. Drops have contained regular weapons and armor, as well as some of Anna Bray’s arsenal. However, there seems to be more to it, and some of the more passionate players are already investigating, and speculating about ways to get these rewards.

destiny 2 warmind nightfall strike exclusive rewards
Destiny 2 Warmind Nightfall Strike Exclusive Rewards Teased

The news was tweeted by dmg04, one of Bungie’s community managers. He said each of the new strikes from the Warmind DLC will offer unique rewards when it’s the featured Nightfall, starting with Strange Train this week. He didn’t mention what these rewards are, or how you’re supposed to get them, leaving it to the players to discover.

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Some players have received the BrayTech Osprey, a legendary rocket launcher with the High Impact Frame intrinsic perk and Cluster Bomb trait. The former gives it an increase in damage and decrease in firing speed, while the latter makes rockets spawn cluster bombs when they explode.

Some thing this is the reward for the Strange Train Nightfall strike, while others are adamant it’s not. There are other ways to obtain this weapon, like Anna Bray’s engrams, which means it’s not unique in that sense. There’s speculation that the items mentioned in the tweet will require players to solve a puzzle of sorts, or at least look in the right place instead of just waiting for them to drop.

The dataminers have discovered a bunch of stuff in the files which still hasn’t been found in the game, so it may very well be some of them. The list includes a fancy exotic ghost shell, the Black Spindle sniper rifle, and loads more. We’ll keep you posted, so expect an update as soon as there’s more to know.

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