The Outer Worlds Release Date Might Have Been Leaked on Steam

The release date of The Outer Worlds might have been revealed on Steam accidentally. If the leak ends up being correct, Obsidian’s space adventure with the fifties aesthetic is going to launch in early August. Whatever the case, this is going to work in favor of the game’s hype, as a tease of sorts for us who can’t wait for The Outer Worlds to arrive.

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The Outer Worlds Release Date Might Have Been Leaked on Steam
The Outer Worlds Release Date Might Have Been Leaked on Steam

Where would we be without Steam leaks? We would never know when games we’re looking forward to would come out months in advance. This time around, it seems that a Steam snafu has revealed the launch date of The Outer Worlds, the heavily-anticipated brain child of Obsidian and the people behind the original Fallout. A few days ago, somebody changed the launch date from basically TBA to August 6th, 2019. This was removed the same day, pretty much immediately, but nothing escapes the watchful eye of Steam DB.

Will the game actually launch on August 6th? We can’t say with certainty. This might have been some kind of placeholder thing, or just a flat-out mistake. On the other hand, August 6th is going to be a Tuesday, which is a reasonable day for a game to come out on. So, quite honestly, it might have also been a legit flub on the part of the developers revealing the release date ahead of schedule. We’ll have to wait and see. One thing’s for certain: this definitely isn’t going to hurt the Outer Worlds hype none.

So, The Outer Worlds might come out in early August, it might not. We don’t know for sure. What we do know that it’s definitely coming out this year, and that they’ll be out on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Whenever it does come out, I can’t wait to see what it’ll have to offer. Stay tuned.

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