Division 2 Clans Explained in Latest Blog Post

Like any half-decent semi-MMO game, The Division 2 will have guilds. They’re called clans (because it’s a Tom Clansey game), and the developers from Ubisoft have taken the time to explain in detail how they work in their latest Intelligence Annex blog post. Read on to see how you, too, can become a clansman, and what perks that entails.

division 2 clans
Division 2 Clans Explained in Latest Blog Post

First of all, clans will allow for up to 50 accounts (with up to 4 characters each) and you’ll unlock them early during the story. Before your clan can start doing good, you’ll need at least four people in it. Each clan will have a notice board that’ll allow memebers to communicate, along with two voice channels with room for up to 25 people. When creating a clan, you’ll be able to set various parameteres, like the type of activities it’ll focus on, the most active times, atmosphere, whether a microphone is required, which language is spoken in group chat and the region from which members hail. When looking for a clan, you’ll be able to filter using any of these parameters.

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There will be four ranks in each clan. A commander is a leader, or an admin. A lieutenant will have the ability to invite people, decide who gets to join, promote or demote existing members and moderate the notice board. An agent is someone who has proven themselves to the clan, while a recruit is a new member, with limited access to everything a clan has to offer.

Aside from socializing, the clans will offer weekly rewards depending on how much clan XP you’ve earned. The bronze tier guarantees new equipment, while the silver and gold ones improve the quality of said equipment. Everything a clansman does will earn clan XP for the guild, but there will be special clan projects that award you with CXP boosts. Finally, each clan will get a space in the east wing of the White House, which is where you’ll find the clan stash and special vendor.

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