Outlast 2 New Launch Trailer is Now Live

The Outlast 2 launch is only a few days away, and there’s a new trailer. The second game in the survival horror series takes you to a god-forsaken farming community in the middle of nowhere in Arizona. While the original Outlast and its DLC dealt with mental illness, the prime theme of the sequel seems to be the dark side of religion.

Outlast 2 New Launch Trailer is Now Live
Outlast 2 New Launch Trailer is Now Live

Survival horror fans (and screaming let’s players) everywhere are going to be getting a real treat soon: Outlast 2 is coming out in a couple of days, and the launch trailer is out. The spiritual successor to the original Outlast, the game again has you as an investigative journalist getting mauled by insane people, it seems.

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You play as Blake Langermann, who’s investigating the murder of a pregnant woman known only as Jane Doe with his wife, Lynn. However, the helicopter crashes into a forgotten part of the Arizona desert, near a small village that has no contact with the outside world. It appears that a doomsday sect has taken over the village, and they’re preaching a bloody cleansing of the world. Now, Blake has to find his lost wife and somehow get out alive.

You can check out the Outlast 2 launch trailer below.

As you can see, the game is the perfect mix of crazy cult and hillbilly murderers tropes (chase through the cornfield included). The main theme of the game seems to be religion and how dark it can get in the wrong hands. Needless to say, censors are already having a field day, especially in Australia. Fortunately, they ultimately stepped down, and the game will be coming in its entirety to Australia.

Outlast 2 is coming out on April 25th, only in digital format. You’ll be able to get it for PC (via Steam or GOG.com), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There’ll also be a physical release of the Outlast Trinity collection, which will contain Outlast, the Whistleblower DLC, and Outlast 2.

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