Dawn of War 3 Open Beta Starts, Launch Trailer Released

Dawn of War 3 will be released a week from now. Relic and Sega have decided to release the launch trailer a bit early, so you can get even more excited and hopefully preorder. But that’s not all! If the positive review scores haven’t convinced you, you’ll be able to try it our for yourself during an open beta weekend.

dawn of war 3 open beta launch trailer
Dawn of War 3 Open Beta

Critics are happy with the game, but that doesn’t mean you will be too. Thankfully, you’ll have the chance to try it out yourself this weekend. The open beta starts today, and end on April 24th. It will give you access to the multiplayer mode – all three faction will be available, with several maps, Elite units and Doctrines to give you a feel for the game. The beta will be accessible through Steam, but you’ll have to create a Relic account as well. But that’s not all!

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In an unprecedented move, the developers have decided to let us try out the preorder skins during the beta. This means you’ll know exactly what they look like before you make the decision whether to preorder or not. The Master of War skin pack includes three hero skins:

  • Dark Queen skin for Lady Solaria (Imperial Knight)
  • Ghost Seer skin for Farseer Taldeer (Wraithknight)
  • Big Kustom skin for Beauty (Morkanaut)

But that’s not all! There’s also the matter of the launch trailer. It explains the conflic that leads up to the events of the game, without spoiling any important plot points. It talks about how the Eldar, the Orks and the Space Marines all want to gain control over the Spear of Khaine, a mysterious artefact that could change the world of tomorrow. There’s almost no gameplay in the video, so you’ll have to look for it elsewhere, if you’re interested in seeing the game in action. Or just download the beta.

That is all.

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