Oxygen Not Included Trailer Shows Things That Can Go Terribly Wrong

Oxygen Not Included is a building and management game from Klei Entertainment – the people behind Invisible Inc, Mark of The Ninja, Don’t Starve and more. It is also a bunch of ways to fail tied together in a bundle. You can drown in water, you can drown in acid, you can drown in your own vomit or excrement, you can suffocate, electrocute yourself, starve or get eaten by alien life. It’s a harsh life, colonizing asteroids.

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oxygen not included launch trailer
Oxygen Not Included Trailer Shows Things That Can Go Terribly Wrong

A management game set in outer space, where you send clones to run on hamster wheels to produce electricity. This is a first for Klei, but that was the case for pretty much every game they ever made, so no surprises there. They’re a hard-working, talented bunch, and they always take full advantage of early access to finely tune their games before the proper release. Such was the case with Oxygen Not Included as well, which spent quite a while in early access, and was launched for realsies just yesterday.

The final update adds a bunch of stuff, including buildings (desalinator, ethanol distiller, rust deoxidizer, etc), critters, plants, biomes (rust, forest and tide pools), foods and more. If you’re interested in the full list of changes, you can check out the patch notes on their forum.

If you like what you see in the video, you can get the game at a reduced price for a while. It’ll be 33% off until August 6th. The way it mixes strategy, survival and management is quite pleasant – if you can call ineptly and unintentionally sending a bunch of cutesy creatures to their death “pleasant”. But once you’ve gotten a hang of it, it blossoms into a whole new affair, and allows you to watch the beehive you’ve meticulously built up go about its day.

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