Paradox Vector Trailer Showcases Game's Impossible Geometry

The new trailer for Paradox Vector, released by the single-person studio Schmidt Workshops, goes into more detail about the game’s impossible geometry, as well as showing off the old-school vector graphics. It wears its M.C. Escher influence on its sleeve, as well as referencing Realm of Impossibility, a game from the Atari days. A pretty interesting hook for a first-person shooter, to be sure.

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paradox vector trailer showcases games impossible geometry
Paradox Vector Trailer Showcases Game’s Impossible Geometry

Paradox Vector bills itself as retro first-person shooter where you “explore impossible mazes while battling the Ancient Ones and their bio-mechanical servitors.” Of course a game with impossible geometry is going to include references to Lovecraft, it makes all of the sense. As the press release states, you will have to navigate “a strange and impossible world inspired by the confounding and mesmerizing art of M.C. Escher, where perception and spatial awareness create unique opportunities for combat and navigation.”

Like I said, it’s a pretty fun concept. You might think that you’re going through a corridor leading up, but find it actually went down. Hallways will change depending on which angle you approach them from. A room in the middle of a corridor might be enormous, even if there simply isn’t enough room for it from the outside. You can see it all in the trailer below. Plus, enemies might attack from places you’d never see coming. On the bright side, if you know how to think outside the box and explore the open world through its insane logic, you will be rewarded.

If Paradox Vector sounds interesting, you can check it out on Steam. It’s currently in early access, and has accrued some pretty dang positive reviews. So, if battling bionic squid-monsters in a neon nightmare maze is your thing, definitely give Paradox Vector a shot. I’m fairly certain you’ll like what it has to offer.

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