How to Get Pasta Hat - Roblox Promo Codes

Are you wondering how to get a pasta hat using Roblox promo codes? This free accessory is pretty silly but extremely cool and something you need in your avatar’s wardrobe. Who wouldn’t want to wear some spaghetti on their head? The best thing is that many people do not even know it exists, making it very unique. Read on as we tell you how to get a pasta hat using Roblox promo codes.

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How to get Pasta Hat - Roblox Promo Codes
How to Get Pasta Hat – Roblox Promo Code

Pasta Hat Roblox Promo Codes

You may think a pasta hat could make your character look a little out there. However, this spaghetti bolognese bowler gives a martial arts flair to your avatar. The Roblox pasta hat has actually been online for a few weeks now. It has remained reclusive as few people know about it. This is because you can not buy it and it is only available through the correct Roblox promo code.

The pasta hat was actually given as a promotion in the European supermarket chain Carrefours store magazine. With a small readership of people who are not usually Roblox fans, the code went almost unnoticed. To claim it, start by heading to and find the section for redeeming promotional codes. The code is long and must be input exactly as written. Carrefourhoed2021 is the correct code and spelling.

Click on the redeem button and it should give you a green confirmation message. After this, you need to move to your avatar editor. The pasta hat should be in your recent items list. Click the item, and the pasta hat should load onto your avatar.

You may find these codes change and become invalid without notice. Therefore, if you have been wondering how to get pasta hat with Roblox promo codes, redeeming it as quickly as possible. If not you may miss the chance to own one. We will keep you updated on any new codes for Roblox as and when they become available, so check back regularly.

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