Path of Exile Harbinger Challenge League Announced

Path of Exile will be getting a new challenge league once Fall of Oriath, the upcoming expansion, launches. It’s called Harbinger Challenge League, and it’s going to bring some pretty exciting stuff to the game. Grinding Gear Games have posted a detailed explanatio on the game’s forum.

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path of exile harbinger challenge league
Harbinger Challenge League

It’s worth reading in full, if you’re an active player. Here’s the short version: it’s going to add a special new enemy and a bunch of features built around it. The new opponents are called Harbingers, and they have the ability to summon other monsters to their aid. They’ll appear randomly throughout Wraeclast, summoning region-specific minions. The catch is that you can’t really harm them directly – you can only damage them by destroying their subordinates.

Upon death, they’ll drop various orb shards – most of them are the ones you’re used to, but some new ones are being added as well. For example, the Orb of Horizons will allow you to reroll a map’s type. They’ll also sometimes drop unique items which are actually parts of a powerful artifact. Collecting them and arranging them in the right order in your inventory will let you craft that item.

The league will bring forty new challenges to the game. Completing twelve of them will unlock the Harbinger Glowing Eyes effect. At twenty four, you’ll get the Harbinger Crown effect, while finishing thirty six will net you the Harbinger Character effect. You’ll also sporadically get pieces of a Harbinger Totem, which can be used to decorate your hideout.

If you like giving money to Grinding Gear Games, you’ll be able to purchase supporter packs for this league, which will grant you an armor set, a cloak, a pet, a weapon effect and other stuff.

Harbinger Challenge League will go live alongside the Fall of Oriath expansion on August 4th. More info will be revealed in the days leading up to the release.

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