Path of Exile Finally Coming to Xbox One This Month

Grinding Gear Games have confirmed that Path of Exile is coming to Xbox One on August 24th, 2PM PDT. The game can already be found on the Xbox One store. It’s free to play, but there is also a $20 First Blood Bundle starter pack, if you feel like supporting development and showing your appreciation for the creators.

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Path of Exile is Coming on August 24, 2PM PDT
Path of Exile Coming on Xbox One

Path of Exile is a free to play, hack and slash, action RPG that made its debut on October 23rd, 2013. The huge success it became is partially thanks to its gameplay systems that rely on gems and the sprawling skill tree. A beautiful world, an interesting story and the sense of freedom when creating a unique character didn’t hurt, either. It was heavily influenced by games like Dungeon Siege, Titan Quest and the Diablo series. The devs behind it have been working on it for 11 years, making their numbers grow – from a team of 4 to more than 100 employees.

The Xbox One version will have all the expansions, including the most recent one, The Fall of Oriath. This will let console players experience everything their PC friends have.

Xbox Live Gold is not required to play Path of Exile. You can start and play it without an active subscription. However, you’ll be somewhat limited. To party up with friends and experience multiplayer, you will need to have Xbox Live Gold.

The beta for this version started on July 26th. It was an opportunity to test the content, controls and the interface for console players. At this point, we can assume it is in a solid state, and it will cause players nothing but happiness.

The $20 support bundle includes 200 points, the First Blood weapon effect and an extra stash tab. Points can be spent on cosmetic items like weapon and armor effects, pets, hideout decorations and more. You can also use them to buy account features like more stash tabs, extra character slots, etc.

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