Phasmophobia Latest Update Tweaks New Temperature Mechanics

The developers of Phasmophobia have released a new patch for the game, which mainly revolves around tweaking the changes they’ve previously made to the room temperature system. They’ve also included some fixes to bugs, and even added a delay to the truck door to cut down on trolling. It’s not a massive update, all things considered, but just looking at the notes, they seem important.

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phasmophobia latest update tweaks new temperature mechanics
Phasmophobia Latest Update Tweaks New Temperature Mechanics

So, first thing’s first, here are the patch notes, according to the Phasmophobia Twitter. As the developers state in the post, the aim of these changes is to “use multiple pieces of equipment to find the ghost room.” I support that with all my heart, considering that the thermometer was getting a little broken. Anyway, enough faffing about, here are the notes.

  • Fixes
    1. Fixed a bug where the outside temperature was changing with the power.
    2. Fixed a bug where you could use sanity pulls infinitely when the truck was closed.
    3. Professional Difficulty: Fixed a bug where the ghosts room would sometimes start at maximum temperature.
  • Changes
    1. Removed the temperature objective due to the temperature changes.
    2. Each room will now lower and raise their temperature at slightly different speeds.
    3. Lowered the speed that temperature raises in rooms once the power is on.
    4. Lowered the speed that the ghost lowers the temperature in its room.
    5. Freezing temperature ghosts will now reduce the room temperature at the same speed as other ghosts. This means that when the power is off, all rooms including the ghost room will drop at a similar speed.
  • New
    1. Added a delay for closing the truck door once it has been opened to prevent trolling.

If you’ve missed the previous update, you can check out the patch notes for that one here. Basically, it changes the temperature mechanic significantly in several key ways. Namely, all the rooms start at different temps, depending on whether the power is on or off (which was, until now, a relatively underused mechanic in itself). Take a gander at the notes, it’s good stuff. Too long have the thermometer mains lorded over us.

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