Planet Coaster Free Summer Update Available, Patch Notes Revealed

Planet Coaster got another large free update. The Summer Update is the game’s third big expansion, after the Winter Update in December and Spring Update in April. The update brings tons of new content, including rides, coasters, scenarios and features such as fireworks, video billboards, custom biomes, and tons more.

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Planet Coaster Free Summer Update Available, Patch Notes Revealed
Planet Coaster Free Summer Update Available, Patch Notes Revealed

Frontier Development has added another huge update to their theme park-building sim, Planet Coaster. The Summer Update continues their tradition of releasing large content expansions seasonally, with the Winter and Spring Update preceding it in December and April, respectively. The new update brings lost of new rides, coasters and scenarios. You’ll also get a bunch of new features for your park, including video billboards, fireworks, a display sequencer, and a whole lot more.

The new update will bring tons of new stuff to the game, as well as extensive bug fixes across the board. Since the patch notes are extremely lengthy, we’ll show you some of the things we found interesting below. To view the full patch notes, head over to the official Planet Coaster forum.

New Features

  • Display Sequencer – a powerful new tool for creating awesome experiences. The Display Sequencer allows you to trigger objects just like coasters and rides do.
  • Fireworks – a new type of triggerable object that boosts guests’ happiness.
  • Video Billboards – a new type of triggerable object for custom content that allows you to apply images and video to screens of many sizes.
  • Painted Wooden Coasters – White Woody’s are now available, and all wooden coasters now support painted tracks.
  • Custom Biomes – a new option allowing you to select the types of terrain, background ambience and distant terrain to create the perfect environment.

New Rides

  • Iron Claw
  • Sky Watcher
  • Black Out

New Coasters

  • Power Up
  • Viper One
  • Gnarler
  • De-Gen and Bolt

New Scenarios

  • Goldmine Tower
  • Miss Elly’s Diner
  • Starship Hanger

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