Titanfall 2 War Games DLC Launches, Gets Trailer

War Games, the latest piece of DLC for Titanfall 2, has been released. It’s a free add-on that includes new maps, a new game mode, and the comeback of a much requested feature from the first game. Respawn have released a gameplay trailer to celebrate the release and give you a glimpse of the new update.

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titanfall 2 war games dlc released
Titanfall 2 War Games DLC

The focus of the DLC is a new map called War Games. It’s actually a remastered version of a map from the first game, so it’s not entirely new. It’s set inside a simulation which recreates the famous battle of Angel City. It features a lot of wallrunning spots, some open space where Titans can clash, sniper nests that offer a lot of advantage but are hard to defend, and more. There’s another map in there, but it’s a Live Fire one, made for shorter, more compact play sessions. It’s called Traffic, and it’s set in and around an underpass with lots of abandoned vehicles. It features a lot of cover, which could end up needlessly prolonging fights.

A new execution called Shadow Boxing was added as well, and you’ll need to rack up some holo kills in order to unlock it. It seems your previous holo kills won’t count towards the total, but it’s easy enough to get them, since the number is pretty low. Titan Brawl has been added to the roster of permanent game modes, so you won’t have to wait for it to appear in the rotation. Finally, and maybe most importantly, the War Games DLC introduces a third weapon slot. It’s like the old days now – you can carry a primary, secondary and anti-titan weapon. No more choosing between sidearms and actually being able to harm enemy mechs.

The update is already live on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. It’s free, and the game should download it automatically next time you try to fire it up.

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