PlayStation to Announce Several Games in Countdown to E3 2018

E3 2018 is inching closer and closer each day. To whet the collective appetite of the gaming community(or the PlayStation portion of it, anyway), Sony has decided to announce a new game every day until their E3 showcase, starting with June 6th. This will include PS4 games, PS VR games, and so on. Of course, they’re not likely to leave nothing for the E3 presentation itself, but they’re certainly going to get people talking days in advance.

PlayStation to Announce Several Games in Countdown to E3 2018
PlayStation to Announce Several Games in Countdown to E3 2018

The first announcement is coming right around the corner. Make sure to tune in to the PlayStation Twitch, YouTube or Facebook on Wednesday, June 6th, at 8 AM Pacific Time. That’s when PlayStation will announce a new game for the PlayStation 4 with PS VR support. The day after, at June 7th, also at 8 AM Pacific Time (in fact, all of these announcements will start at 8 AM Pacific), we’ll learn the launch date for “an upcoming Worldwide Studios title.”. On June 8th they’ll reveal yet another PS4 game, then a new PS VR game on June 9th, and, lastly, on June 10th we’ll get some details on “an eagerly anticipated game” which is coming to PS VR.

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That’s quite the trail of breadcrumbs. This should be more than enough to peak the curiosity of the gaming community ahead of Sony’s E3 2018 presentation. Speaking of, the PlayStation E3 2018 showcase will begin on Monday, June 11th, at 6 PM Pacific. I’m fairly certain that we’ll learn even more details about the games they announce during the countdown. Also, they’ll likely have more aces up their sleeve in the shape of further announcements, even if they won’t be presenting any new hardware. So, make sure to tune in each day to find out what Sony has in store. Of course, we’ll make sure to keep you posted.

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