PlayStation Plus Free Games in May 2017 Revealed

The PS Plus free game roster for May 2017 has been revealed by Sony, and this time around, there are some bigger names. For the PS4, we have Tales from the Borderlands and Abzu, for example. The selection for the PS3 and PS Vita has a bit less known games, but players will certainly make the most of Sony’s continuing support of their older consoles.

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PlayStation Plus Free Games in May 2017 Revealed
PlayStation Plus Free Games in May 2017 Revealed

Sony has unveiled their pick of free games for PS Plus users on the PlayStation blog. Unlike the April games, there’s a few well-known games on the list that a number of players will want to get into while they’re up for grabs. This especially goes for the PlayStation 4. The PS Vita and PS3 have it a little worse in that respect, but hey, free games are free games.

Here’s what we have for the PS4:

  • Tales from the Borderlands – This episodic game has five parts, and it’s set in the familiar universe of Borderlands. The game was made by the same people that made Walking Dead: A Telltale Game Series. It follows two characters on a very western-like quest for money and glory.
  • Abzu – This is an underwater exploration game. The game’s forte is atmosphere that is calm and almost dream-like. Dive to the heart of the ocean, but beware the dangers of the deep.
  • Alienation – One for PS4 EU users only. Alienation is an isometric twin-stick shooter / role-playing game. The game supports up to four players fending of an invasion of aliens. Pick one of three classes and go save the world

Next up, the roster for the PlayStation 3:

  • Blood Knights – One for fans of hack-and-slash games. Blood Knights is a mix of combat, roleplaying elements and platforming. To be fair, the game received fairly negative reviews, but since it’s free, maybe it deserves a spin.
  • Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants – Ever wanted to experience life as a sea-faring adventurer in 17th-century Caribbean waters? This is the game for you. Port Royale 3 is a business simulation game, allowing you to become a wealthy merchant or wealthy pirate. Climb your way up to the food chain and rule the Caribbean.

Finally, there’s the PS Vita games:

  • Laser Disco Defenders – A bright neon bullet hell shooter with some funky tunes thrown into the mix. Choose one of several colorful characters and shoot your way through to the evil Lord Monotone.
  • Type: Rider – This is a very novel platforming game. You play as two dots (possibly a rotating colon) and you travel through the history of typography. Explore the history of fonts in this weird but interesting puzzle-platformer.
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