Prey Neuromod Locations - Where to find Skill Points

Neuromods are special tools in Prey. Injecting yourself with their contents will allow you to unlock new abilities. They’re like skill points – collecting them will allow to hone your talents and learn new skills. They’re scattered around Talos 1, and getting enough of them won’t be easy. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Prey Neuromod Locations, to help you upgrade your abilities.

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prey neuromod locations skill points
Prey neuromod locations
Note: This guide is a work in progress. We’ll make a detailed list of neuromod locations once the game is out, divided by ship sections.

Talos 1 Lobby Neuromods

The first one you can find is in the large hall in the Neuromod Division, just before you enter the main lobby. It’s in a display case in front of some posters. Then, as you enter the lobby, you’ll find another one on the corpse of Nash Underwood.

The next one is at the Transtar Exhibition, in a display case. It’s on Level 1 of the lobby, guarded by a Phantom. You can get another one in the exhibit. It’s hidden in a safe behind the fire alarm in the northeast corner. Whack the alarm three times to reveal it.

There’s another fire alarm with a safe behind it in the corridor behind Employee Orientation. Hit it three times. When you visit the Trauma Center, make sure to explore Mathias Kohl’s office. Use the utility on his computer to start the test, then go to the other PC to actually solve it. If you choose A,C,B,A,C, you’ll reveal a safe behind a painting by the door. Another neuromod awaits there.

You’ll find the IT Security section on the same floor, on the other side of the lobby. You’ll have to fight a Phantom inside, but there’s a turret in front of the door that can help you. Go into the office with the Owl movie poster, and rummage through the cabinet on the right. Next up, there’s a box with three neuromods in Morgan’s office. When you enter it, you’ll have an objective to watch a video on the computer. The box with the mods is on the table, right next to the screen.

Hardware Labs Neuromod Locations

As you exit the foyer, turn left towards the demonstration theater. You’ll find a display case with a neuromod on the right. The next one is in Director Thorstein’s office, on level 2. There’s a briefcase under the workbench in the corner. Inside, you’ll find two neuromods.

There’s another one on the upper floor of the atrium, in the fire alarm safe next to the golden statue. One is in the machine shop, in the cage below the recycler. Once you’re in the cage, go towards the light – the mod will be on the chair next to it.

As you exit the cage, you’ll see a storage room across the hall. There are two neuromods inside, on the middle shelf. While you’re there, you can get another one from the corpse of Peter Coleman, which is on the orange platform above the southeastern part of the workshop.

When you get to the demonstration stage, look for a briefcase on the orange floor tiles. There’s a mod inside. Calvino’s office has been breached, so you’ll have to enter it from the exterior. Once inside, you’ll find two mods on Calvino’s corpse, and two more in his safe (requires lvl 3 hacking).

There’s a secret safe in Calvino’s workshop, with two neuromods inside. To open it, you’ll need to grab the thermos from the toolbox and put it on the mini stove on the table near the looking glass terminal.

How to craft Neuromods

Since you’re a scientist, you can science up some neuromods on your own, if you can’t be bothered to look for them around the station. You’ll need to collect Typhon organs, which means you won’t be able to avoid combat. Once you’ve got them, you can use a Recycler to extract exotic materials from them. You can then use said materials at a Fabricator to craft neuromods.

Of course, you won’t be able to rely solely on crafting – you’ll still need to pick up some of the pre-made neuromods, especially if you’re playing on a higher difficulty setting. But it’s a nice alternative to have. It’s a tough world there on Talos 1, and we can use all the help we can get. Even if we have to craft it ourselves.

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