Prison Architect Update Allows Janitors to Have Needs

A new update for Prison Architect is on the way, and it’s going to improve the way your staff functions. The update has been released on the beta branch of the Steam version, and it’s coming to the main branch as soon as it’s ironed out. You can check out the full list of additions below, along with a video explaining the new additions.

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prison architect update 12
Prison Architect update 12

Here’s a list of the most important/interesting changes. If you want the complete changelog, you can check it out on the official site:

  • New staff break behaviour
    • Staff will now take a break when they feel they need to, providing there are enough guards idling
    • No more than 10% of your staff will take a break at any time
    • Staff will stay on their break until their needs are taken care of, but will give up eventually if nothing is available
  • Fixes to staff needs provisions
    • Staff Rooms and Staff Canteens are now assigned a nearby kitchen in the Food Logistics view, just like any normal Canteen.
    • Chefs from that chosen kitchen will handle stacking and cleaning food trays.
    • The assigned kitchen can be overridden manually as normal.
    • More food trays and staff meals will be ordered automatically when you have staff needs enabled
    • Stopped chefs from stacking dirty food trays with stacks that were miles away in a different canteen
    • Fixed tons of issues with staff not using providers when on their breaks
    • Fixed serious issues with food trays not been cleaned and replaced when in staff canteens
  • The staff tooltip widget in the top bar now shows ALL guard types, including dog handlers, snipers and armed guards
  • Staff Morale
    • Affected by happy staff versus unhappy staff
    • Affected by long term staff deaths
    • Affected by currently injured
    • Affected by salary
  • Staff wages
    • Upkeep now specified in materials.txt
    • Pay rises possible from Policy screen
  • Staff will go on strike if morale falls to 0%, and demand a large pay rise to return to work
  • Chefs/Gardeners/Janitors now have needs
  • The following will be suspended during riots, or during staff strikes:
    • Delivery of daily supplies
    • Garbage collection
    • Exports collection
    • Prisoner intake
    • Collection of dead bodies

And if you’re a die-hard fan, you might want to check out this video from Introversion Software, in which they talk about the new update in great detail:

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