PUBG Merchandise Starting Lineup Features T-Shirts and Hoodie

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is spreading its influence far outside the game with a new line of merchandise. It has touched your hearts, and now it will touch your bodies. The official clothing line will consist of three items at the start, with additional apparel options coming soon.

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PUBG Merchandise Gear Features T-Shirts and a Hoodie for a Start
PUBG Merchandise Starting Lineup Features T-Shirts and Hoodie

The PUBG Community Team said the official merchandise is a response to requests from many members of the community. This response comes in the form of three items you can buy from the store. It includes a t-shirt (in men’s and women’s sizes) and a hoodie. They come in one color only – black – and have the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds logo on the front. The t-shirt is being sold for $24, while the hoodie is $48. You can find them in Design by Humans and PowerUp Factory stores.

The three items listed in the store are just a start. The team is planning to add more gear to the lineup as time passes. Users can influence their decisions by giving feedback, but should not expect to see anything crazy. Maybe a PUBG trench coat? They’ve already announced a tank top, a two-colored shirt and more.

Fifty percent of the proceeds from the merchandise sales will go toward two charities, in equal measure. The charities in question are Game Changer and Games Outreach, organizations that help youth in need of medical treatment and special care.

Everything about this new move from Bluehole Studios, including links to the charities and the merchandise store, can be found on the official site.

The new gear comes just in time for the next PUBG event – the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Invitational at Gamescom, Cologne. It will last four days, from August 23rd-26th. You’ll be able to watch it live on Twitch starting at 7AM PDT/ 4PM CEST/ 11PM KST.

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