XCOM 2 Propaganda Center Demo Lets You Try The Photobooth

Firaxis have released a toy for all those anxious to get their hands on War of The Chosen, XCOM 2’s upcoming expansion. It’s called Propaganda Center, and it lets you create and customize a squad (or import your old one), then make them pose in the Photobooth, so you can create silly anti-alien posters. That’s the future of warfare right there. Not drones, not nano machines, not biological weapons – silly posters.

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xcom 2 propaganda center demo
XCOM 2 propaganda center photobooth

It weighs around 3GB, and some players are already complaining they can’t get it to import their squad from the base game. Your mileage may vary, obviously. On paper, you should be able to import your tiny soldiers, or create a new squad. After you’re done customizing them, you can head to the photobooth and make a bunch of posters. The new tool allows you to choose up to six people, make them strike a bunch of different poses, tweak the camera and take a picture. You can then change the background of said picture and plaster it with slogans.

It’s a nice way to warm up for the expansion’s release. In case you’re not in the loop, War of The Chosen is a hefty expansion for XCOM 2. It’s aiming to do what Enemy Within did to the first game. It’s going to add three resistance factions to the game, and allow you to make alliances with them. Each of them can supply you with fancy soldiers with unique abilities. It also adds zombies, enemy lieutenants that try to snatch your soldiers and interrogate them, as well as a base defense mission. No mechs, though. Sorry.

It’s going to be released on August 29th, and it’s going to be sold for $40. Don’t let the price fool you – you’ll still need the base game in order to play it.

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