Rainbow Six Siege Patch 2.1.3 Aims to Change The Meta

A new update for Rainbow Six Siege has gone live. Patch 2.1.3 aims to shake up the meta by rebalancing various weapons and operator abilities. It also introduces a bunch of fixes for bugs related to the level design, class skills, UI and more. Scroll down for a more in-depth look at the changelog.

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rainbow six siege patch 2.1.3 changelog
Rainbow Six Siege Patch 2.1.3

First of all, Glaz. They’ve made changes to his scope, that will make it easier to discern whether a shot has hit or not. They’ve tuned up the blood splattering effects, the contrast of the highlights, as well as the noise around the edges of highlighted bodies. All of this should help give you a clearer signal of whether you’ve hit your mark or not.

Montagne’s been nerfed. The LFP586 with the laser sight turned out to be quite popular online, and with good reason. The combo was really strong in both long and medium range battles. The developers have decided to increase the bullet spread on the hip fire mode of that particular weapon, which they hope will make Montagne less of a murder machine and more of a regular operator.

They’ve noticed that Echo players were having issues using the Yokai drone. The sonic burst was really hard to land a hit with, especially on console, since it required you to hit your enemy’s head. Now you can disorient opponents by hitting any part of their body with this drone.

A bunch of players have had problems when playing with Hibana – namely, their gadget not detonating on cue. This hasn’t been solved yet, but the devs assure us the problem is rooted deep within the game’s systems, and they’re working hard on fixing it. They expect to be done with it before the Y2S2 ends.

If you want to read the full list of bugfixes and changes, head on over to the official forum.

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