Realistic Summoner’s Rift From League of Legends Looks Much Better Than the Real Thing

League of Legends features a limited selection of maps and Summoner’s Rift is by far the most popular one. Its stylized looks match well with the aesthetics of the game and its design is simple and optimized for the MOBA title. League of Legends won’t change its cartoony looks anytime soon, nor developers have in their plans to redo the visuals of the game. But, what if LoL went down the realistic pathway? What if the game were remade in Unreal Engine 4, with lifelike lighting, super detailed objects, and 4K textures? While we cannot answer the question in full, at least we can now take a look at Summoner’s Rift created in UE4.

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League of Legends

Summoner’s Rift in UE4 Makes Us Wish the Whole League of Legends Receives the Same Treatment

Wayne S., and indie video games developer, took a few weeks and recreated League of Legends’ Summoner’s Rift in UE4. And the result is striking. The map looks gorgeous when observed from the classic top-down view. But, the real beauty of it shows when you explore it from the first-person perspective.

Lush foliage is covered in warm light. Sharp textures make the scene to look like from some pre-rendered demo of a next-gen title. The overall atmosphere of League of Legends’ most popular map is there. You can recognize the design of the map. Details such as tons of conifer trees, ancient stone steps, and rifts themselves are here but the map is teeming with additional elements.

You have plenty of soft moss covering the rocks; damp ferns surround bodies of water, and detailed footpaths showing thousands of footmarks in the mud. Wayne didn’t only show the beautiful version of the map in his video; he also talks about the process of designing and creating it. You can check out Wayne S. on Twitter and learn about his game, Harmony. This adventure game about saving the world in seven days looks amazing and the backstory sounds quite fascinating.


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