Remedy might be working on a PS4 title

The Finnish developer, Remedy, is famous for its Max Payne, Alan Wake and Quantum Break titles. They are very well known for their storytelling ability, mostly done by Sam Lake. They have been tied to Xbox and Microsoft in the recent years, with both Alan Wake and Quantum Break being timed exclusives on Xbox consoles. It has been a while since they have worked on a game that would show up on a Sony console. The time seems to have come.

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Fans of horror games were sorry to hear about Alan Wake’s exclusivity.

The studio said that their recent year-over-year growth was 19.4%, mostly fueled by the success of Quantum Break. The title went on to sell “very well” and “more than expected”, although the exact numbers were never revealed. Remedy is now trying to keep the momentum by porting the engine used for Quantum Break, the Northlight Engine, to Playstation 4.

Now, this could mean many things, and it is known that Remedy is working on at least two titles at the moment. It has been reiterated several times that none of those are an actual Alan Wake sequel, and the team did mention they would go back only when the time was right. They also said that their interest in exploring Alan Wake lies in other mediums. Perhaps a movie might be in the works somewhere down the line, though by judging how “successful” Max Payne movie has been, perhaps better not.

It is now known that one of the titles Remedy is working on is the sequel to the online FPS CrossFire. To be more precise, the single-player story mode. However, the second game still remains a mystery, with the potential to appear on more than one console. Some news also claims that the said game has a multiplayer component.

It remains to be seen what the future holds for the Finnish studio.