RimWorld Gets Royalty DLC Out of The Blue

RimWorld, the popular management-slash-building simulation, just received a hefty patch that pushed it to version 1.1. And when I say hefty, I do mean it – there are hundreds of lines of changes in the patch notes. But that’s not the only thing that was added to the game today. The developers also launched their first paid DLC for the game, called Royalty, without even announcing it beforehand. In other words, you can become Space King.

rimworld royalty dlc
RimWorld Gets Royalty DLC Out of The Blue

Yes I know it’s not actually space but just a tiny, relatively deserted planet. You’ll agree Space King sounds much better than Backwater Planet King. Anyway, the DLC adds a faction called The Empire, which “wields hyper-advanced technology, while bowing to the ancient traditions of kings and queens”. And they’re looking at your pitiful bunch of space ranchers to be their faithful vassals.

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Any character that gets a title from the emperor will require special care, like a fancy bedroom or a throne room, specific sartorial items and such. They’ll be allowed to order others around, and they’ll get a special item that lets them wield psychic powers. These include mind control, blocking of pain and sensation, inducing mass vomiting, teleporting stuff, making your buddies invisible or driving the enemies literally insane.

The empire also brings its own brand of fancy tech, including talking blades which you’ll bond with. For life. You’ll basically be allowed to marry your sword. They’ll also allow you to craft and insert a whole slew of body modifications, and yes, this includes a sofisticated Viagra dispenser.

To get on the empire’s good side, you’ll have to complete quests. Sometimes they’ll ask you to host some royal guests with an entourage of 20 dogs, other times you’ll be tasked with build a special building and protect it from attacks. If you want to know more, you should check out the Royalty DLC’s Steam page.

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