Baldur's Gate 3 Steam Early Access Release Coming Later in 2020

At a recent Hasbro investor event at the New Your Toy Fair, they revealed that the long-awaited Baldur’s Gate 3 is going to launch on Steam Early Access some time later in 2020. As for the full game, it’s going to launch on Steam and GOG. Also, there’s a total of seven D&D games planned planned from now to 2025.

Baldurs Gate 3 Steam Early Access Release Coming Later in 2020
Baldur’s Gate 3 Steam Early Access Release Coming Later in 2020

According to the news first broken by Dark Side of Gaming, Hasbro will be launching Baldur’s Gate 3 in Steam Early Access some time in 2020. This was revealed at Hasbro’s investor event at the New York Toy Fair. That’s an interesting move, and not exactly the first for Larian Studios to provide early access phase to their fans (and potential new ones, of course). During the same event, they revealed that they have a staggering seven D&D games currently under development, two of which, Baldur’s Gate 3 and Dark Alliance, are coming out this year.

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As for the other five games, the plan is to release one every year. So, we’ll be covered when it comes to D&D stuff until 2025. How very Disney of them. The last, but certainly not least bit of news is the final version of Baldur’s Gate 3 will launch on Steam and GOG, but apparently not the Epic Games Store. Well, that seems to be Larian’s current plan; I’m pretty sure that is fairly malleable, depending on potential monetary or other gain.

That’s what we know so far. Odds are we’re going to learn more when we get the first gameplay footage reveal. Reminder, that’s coming on February 27th at 15:30 ET, as a part of PAX East 2020. Until then, I’m just gonna say that this whole thing has me a bit worried, especially the five-year plan for seven games. I’m really afraid that this will cause rushed games that nobody will be happy with. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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