Rocket League on Nintendo Switch Gets Launch Trailer

The launch of Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch is drawing near. To fan the hype flames, Psyonix posted a launch trailer for the port of the game. It shows off everything that the Switch version of Rocket League will have to offer, including, for example, exclusive cars and items, support of all play modes, local wireless multiplayer, cross-platform play, and more.

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Rocket League on Nintendo Switch Gets Launch Trailer
Rocket League on Nintendo Switch Gets Launch Trailer

Psyonix has released a launch trailer for the Nintendo Switch port of Rocket League on their YouTube channel. The video, of course, serves to highlight all of the different features that the new version of the game is going to have. So, let’s go through them.

The Switch version of Rocket League comes with pretty much everything you’d expect it to. For one, there’s full car customization, which also include some Nintendo-exclusive items. It’ll also sport “multiple game types and features”, as well as full support of all play modes (handheld with the Joy-Cons detached or attached, as well as docked mode). You’ll also be able to play with friends between Switches via local wireless multiplayer. Of course, the Switch version also provides cross-platform play with PC and console. You know, just the one. Come on, Sony, let your people play with others. Back on topic, Rocket League on the Switch will also come with exclusive items, like mentioned above, and exclusive cars, too (see image of Mario and Luigi NSRs above).

Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch is coming out in just a little under a week, on Tuesday, November 14th. You’ll be able to pick it up from the Nintendo eShop. Its price is set for $19.99, or whatever your regional equivalent may be. If you wanna check out the launch trailer of the Nintendo Switch version of Rocket League, you can do so below.

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