Rocket League Salty Shores Update Launch Date Announced

Psyonix has announced the launch date for the upcoming Rocket League content update, called Salty Shores. The update is coming next week, on May 29th. It will include a new map and battle-car, as well as an in-game event a little later, on June 11th.

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Rocket League Salty Shores Update Launch Date Announced
Rocket League Salty Shores Update Launch Date Announced

Well, the summer is coming closer, and you know what that means. Lots of sweating, insects, and asphalt hot enough to melt your shoes, if you live where I do. But also, a new content update for Rocket League. Psyonix has cooked up another update for the game, called Salty Shores. According to the announcement on the Rocket League website, the Salty Shores update will hit the game on Tuesday, May 29th. The new content will include a new arena, an in-game event, a new battle-car, and presumably more to come.

First off, the new battle-car. It’ll be called the Twinzer, and it looks like a cross between a dune buggy and a drag racer. Next up, The Salty Shores “brand new seaside Arena.” Described as the game’s “sunniest map to date”, it features a light, sandy pitch, bright blue skies, and even a theme park in the background. Tailor-made to get you in the mood for summer festivities, if you’re a summer kind of person. Lastly, the Beach Blast in-game event. We don’t have any details about it as of now, because it’ll come out a bit further down the pipeline; June 11th, to be exact.

Additionally, the Salty Shores update will mark the beginning of Competitive Season 8, meaning that the distribution of Season 7 rewards will start then, too. Lastly, one of the additional features that Salty Shores will bring is the “Report Server” button. So, all of that is coming to Rocket League this summer. Until it does, you can check out the trailer for Salty Shores below.

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