State of Decay 2 Difficulty - How to Increase or Lower

Difficulty cannot be changed in State of Decay 2. At least not in any conventional way, by looking at the game’s options or tweaking an ini file. However, even though there aren’t any difficulty settings to speak of, you can still affect the level of challenge the game will present to you. It’s a bit of a weird solution, but if you absolutely need to tone it down (or up), then there’s not much choice. This guide is going to show you how to increase or lower difficulty in State of Decay 2.

state of decay 2 difficulty how to increase lower
State of Decay 2 Difficulty – How to Increase or Lower

How to change difficulty settings in State of Decay 2?

Simply put, there is no way to manually change difficulty settings in State of Decay 2. The game doesn’t let you pick how difficult you want it to be. Instead, the difficulty of the game will depend on your actions. In other words, there is a way to either decrease or increase the difficulty in State of Decay 2; it’s just not as simple as selecting Easy, Normal, or Hard.

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How to Increase & Decrease State of Decay 2 Difficulty?

Increasing or decreasing difficulty in State of Decay might depend on several different factors. No matter what you do, the game will become progressively more difficult as the days go by. More freaks will spawn over time, with day three usually getting really serious.

If you want to decrease the difficulty a bit, you’re gonna have to start clearing out the infestations as they start appearing. That way, you’ll lower the amount of the undead spawning all over the place. That will also make zombies less likely to come knocking at the door of your base. If you just leave infestations be, you’re going to be facing a lot more enemies, which is fine if you want the game to be more difficult.

Lastly, the game will ramp up in difficulty more quickly if you destroy plague hearts. Each plague heart destroyed will make the game incrementally harder. On the flip side, if you let plague hearts be, the zombies around them will become more and more difficult to kill, but the increase in difficulty will be slower. So, it’s up to you what you thing is better for you. It’s a bit of a trade-off, and it will depend on your situation what the smarter course of action is.

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