Runescape Still Alive and Kicking, Coming to Mobile

Runescape is one of those MMORPGs from the time when the term was originally coined. It’s old. It’s not “previous century” old, but it’s definitely among the aging crowd. It had a couple of engine switches in its 16 years of existence, and now it’s finally coming to a platform beside PC. At some point during early 2018, you should be able to play Runescape on your mobile phone.

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runescape mobile
Runescape mobile

Both of the active versions will be getting ported – the Old School one is getting the smartphone treatment in winter, while the more modern one will follow suit during 2018. The best thing about it is that it won’t separate you from your PC character – you’ll be able to play both on PC and your phone. That way, you never have to stop playing. Not while commuting. Not while on the toilet. Not while sipping colored drinks by the sea. No more wasted XP thanks to physiological needs, social life, work or even holidays.

You can already sign up for the beta on the official site. There are no dates announced for the test, but it’s bound to happen soon, what with the proper release being behind the corner and all. More info will be revealed during a Twitch stream, scheduled for July 19th at 19:00 UTC (that’s 12 PM PDT, 3 PM EDT or 9PM CEST). That’s also a good place to ask questions, if you have any.

Runescape definitely isn’t the oldest running MMORPG, but it’s one of the healthiest ones, at least in that age bracket. Much of its popularity probably stems from the open design, which lets you pretty much do whatever you’d like, but Jagex’ constant updates aren’t hindering it either. The mobile version might not breathe new life into it, but it’s definitely something that long-standing players have been asking for for the longest time.

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