Shadow Warrior Free On the Humble Store For a Limited Time

Need some Wang in your life? Of course you do. Everyone does. Luckily, Humble Store is giving away the 2013 reboot of Shadow Warrior for next day or so, and it has more Wang than you can handle. If that sounds good, simply visit the game’s store page and claim your copy. You’ll get an email with your Steam key shortly.

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shadow warrior free humble store
Free Wang

Shadow Warrior tells the story of Lo Wang, an assassin working under a corporate magnate. Sent to get a rare sword for his employer, Wang becomes a victim of an ambush, which results in his teaming up with a demon and starting on a quest to find three legendary swords to merge into one even legendarier sword. It’s a silly, over-the-top first person shooter with great gunplay and even better swordplay. Weapons can be upgraded, but honestly, you’ll probably spend most of the time slicing things with your katana, so the upgrades can feel a bit pointless. Unlike the katana, which is decidedly pointed.

And if “free game” wasn’t a good enough deal, it’s actually “free special edition of a game”. You’ll get the game itself, as well as a couple of DLC weapon – namely, the Serious Sam 3 Sledgehammer and Hotline Miami Katana. You’ll also receive a digital artbook, as well as the official soundtrack. Word on the street is you’ll get the Penetrator from Saints Row 4 (if you have Saints Row 4 in your library, naturally), but we haven’t got official confirmation of that one.

But that’s not all! Order now to get a coupon for 25% off Shadow Warrior 2 (which is kinda like the first, but more open and with some dull loot shenanigans), as well as anoter for 10% off a Humble Montly Subscription (which is a suprise game bundle you get for $12 a month without knowing what’s in it).

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