Heroes of the Storm July 21st Weekly Brawl is AzmoDUNK

Heroes of the Storm AzmoDUNK weekly brawl lasts from July 21-28. To complete it and earn the Loot Chest, you only need to play two matches. If you are still hoping for the prize from the “Sun’s Out, Guns Out” event, keep in mind that the wins in the weekly brawls don’t count towards the event entry.

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Heroes of the Storm July 21st Weekly Brawl is AzmoDUNK
Heroes of the Storm July 21st Weekly Brawl is AzmoDUNK

This is the second time we can enjoy this weekly brawl. You’ve had your first chance to play it at the start of April this year. This was the first brawl that lasted two weeks in a row. The reward was an AzmoDUNK brawl portrait.


  • Here comes the lord of SLAM!
    • Everyone plays as Azmodunk on Tomb of the Spider Queen!
  • AzmoDUNK!
    • The only available Heroic Ability choice is Black Pool.
    • Everyone starts with the Taste for Blood talent.
      • All Taste for Blood stacks are shared amongst the rest of the team.
      • Stacks build up damage by 3 instead of 2 for every minion killed.
      • The cap on Taste for Blood damage is now 3000.
  • Be the first team to take down the enemy Core to claim victory!


  • Complete two matches of the AzmoDUNK Brawl to earn a Loot Chest!

If you’ve missed it, the last weekly brawl was Garden Arena. All hopes are lost for the Pull Party Brawl as a closer for the “Sun’s Out, Guns Out” event, as it comes to an end in a few days.

This is also the week where, for four more days, you can get heroes and some cosmetics on sale. The heroes that are on 50% discount are Sonya (250 gems) and Rexxar (250 gems). The eight skins that are on sale are Legion’s Wrath Sonya, Earthen Frostlord Rexxar, Salty Buccaneer Falstad, Crimson Fel Queen Chromie, Shadowblade Li Li, Serpent King Xul, Crimson Lionheart Varian, Spring Sakura Auriel. There are two mounts on sale as well, Dire Wolf and Fel Butcher’s Beast.

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