New Sims 4 Horse Ranch Live Stream

The new Sims 4 Horse Ranch live stream has been announced, and I’m certain that a lot of you will want to tune in. Well, we are going to give you all the details; namely, when the stream is going to begin and where you can watch it. We’ll also talk a little about all the new content coming in the Horse Ranch expansion pack. Let’s go!

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new sims 4 horse ranch live stream
New Sims 4 Horse Ranch Live Stream

Sims 4 Horse Ranch Live Stream Details

The Sims 4 Horse Ranch will kick off on Friday, July 14th 2023, at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET / 7 PM GMT / 8 PM CEST. That translates to 4 AM ACT, on July 15th, or 3 AM Japanese and Korean Time. I think you can do your own math from here. As for where you can watch it, go to either the official Sims Twitch channel or their official YouTube channel. The information comes straight from the horse’s mouth (pun extremely intended), so we know for certain that’s when the live stream will begin. Barring anything going wrong on their end, of course. So, if you want to find out more about the upcoming Ranch expansion pack before launch, be sure to tune in. If nothing else, you’ll be able to make a more informed purchase.

So, that’s when you can watch the new Sims 3 Horse Ranch live stream. Now, the actual expansion pack will launch on July 20th. However, if you order June 22 through August 31, you will get three cool decorations, as detailed here. Basically, they’re a rocking chair with a star in the back, a ’63 resonator guitar, and a wagon wheel adorned with flowers on it. The expansion pack will also include a ton of other content. You’ll be able to build a whole ranch, rescue or buy horses, breed and raise them, all in a bustling country community. Your Sims will be able to practice the Ride skill, and the horses will have Agility and Jumping. And yes, there will be competitions to enter and prizes to win at the equestrian center.

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