WoW Time Rifts Weekly Quest Rewards

Time Rifts are a new event that has been added to WoW Dragonflight with its recent 10.1.5 patch. The way that these work is that these world events take place in Thaldraszus and you need to complete at least one of these per week in order to get weekly quest rewards from them. The “When Time Needs Mending” is a weekly quest that you get from Soridormi at the Tyrhold Reservoir. Once you complete this Time Rift, you will then receive your Contained Paracausality – which is filled with all manner of loot. Here are all of these WoW Time Rifts Weekly Quest Rewards, and what to do in case some of these rewards are missing.

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WoW Time Rifts Weekly Quest Rewards
WoW Time Rifts Weekly Quest Rewards

WoW Time Rifts Weekly Quest & Rewards List

Again, once you have finished the “When Time Needs Mending”, you’ll get the Contained Paracausality. Here’s all the loot that it can drop:

  • Gold.
  • x1000 Paracausal Flakes – “Specks of temporal energy imbued with enough power to be tangible. Valuable to vendors in the Tyrhold Reservoir.”
  • Soridormi Commendations – this increases your reputation with Soridormi.
  • Encapsulated Destiny – this item guarantees that the next Time Rift you complete is going to give you a reward.
  • Greater Encapsulated Destiny – similarly to the regular Encapsulated Destiny, the Greater version guarantees that the next Time Rift is going to reward you with a mount or battle pet from one of the invading realities that you still haven’t obtained yet.
  • Drake’s Shadowflame Crest Fragment – this is used for upgrading your gear.
  • Dilated Time Capsule – you can use this to purchase Level 402 gear from Shi Everbreeze.

WoW Time Rifts Rewards Missing

As of right now, it appears that some rewards may be missing, probably due to a bug. Specifically, the Dilated Time Capsule. You can read more about this in our Missing Dilated Time Capsule guide.

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