Sniper Elite 4 Mission 1 Collectible Locations - San Celini Island

San Celini Island has 31 collectibles in total. Finding them all counts toward The Collector, A Bird in the Hand… and Greatest Hits trophy / achievement. Most of the Mission One documents are held by soldiers and officers, while others are your typical find-and-grab. The only one that requires destroying is the Stone Eagle. In this guide, we’re going to show you all San Celini Island collectible locations in Sniper Elite 4.

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Sniper Report Locations in San Celini Island

There is only one Sniper Report. It is the first collectible you can acquire at the start. Once you climb up the wooden beam and crouch through the gap in the wall, the game informs you that you can take a look at the map and see the objectives. A bit further on, you can climb the tower to your left. The Sniper Report is on the table in this room.

Sniper Elite 4 All Collectibles in Mission 1 San Celini Island
Sniper Elite 4 All Collectible Locations in First Mission – San Celini Island

Stone Eagle in Mission One

Stone Eagles are small bird statues, usually placed on the higher ground or rooftops. There are three of them in San Celini Island.

  • From the same tower where the Sniper Report is, turn back and look through the small gap in the wall. Left from the lighthouse, in the distance, on top of the ruins. That’s where it is.
  • In the southern part of the island, on top of the ruined stone tower.
  • Eastern San Celini, on top of the small stone ruined tower.

Letters to Home

There are five Letters to Home to be gathered here. They are pieces of paper, usually found at the locations where someone who’s been reading them left.

  • Northeastern San Celini, between two houses with clay rooftops, on the wooden beam, next to the bonfire.
  • In the central part of the Island. Close to the stone road and bonfire, inside the tent.
  • Southern map, close to the Stone Eagle, inside one of the tents.
  • Just east from the previous one, on the lower level, on the white wooden box.
  • Within the main compound in the northeast, inside the house with a big metal column, behind the bookshelves.

Mission One Letters from Home

Another five pieces to collect.

  • Northeastern Island, inside one of the tents.
  • Eastern central part, inside the long, rocky tunnel, on the table, next to the radio.
  • Western part of the island, close to the edge, inside one of the tents.
  • Close to the entrance of the settlement in eastern central part of the island. In the backyard of the house, on the wooden table.
  • Northeastern part, on the third floor of the pink house, inside a room, on the table, next to the typewriter.

Misc Document

Eight of them are scattered throughout the Island.

  • Northern part of the Island, in the vicinity of the pink house, on the wooden table, next to the glasses and some cups.
  • Southern part, inside an only house with the clay rooftops. Two of them are found inside the same house.
  • Eastern central part, at the start of the small settlement, next to the wooden crates.
  • A bit further east from the previous one. Inside the barn, next to the radio.
  • In the largest settlement, in the north-east of the island, under the eave, on the wooden table, next to the metal bucket.
  • Same settlement, house with large metal pillar, second floor, next to the phone.
  • General Schmidt, the main villain of the mission, has it. Top northeastern house.

San Celini Island Duty Roster

All four of them come from the officers. You have to kill them and take it from them. Officers found within the area are marked as large circles with a question mark in the center.

Last Letter in San Celini

There are five of these collectibles. Just like the Duty Rosters, they come from soldiers that are usually close to the officers. If you use the binoculars, you can spot which one of them has the collectible. It is listed as a Special Item.

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